EXHIBIT: The Ethyr Presents: The Little Things :: Mini Pop Up


The Ethyr presents: 

"The Little Things"

A mini pop up art exhibit featuring the following creatives:

Nelson Asencio | Shirley Asencio/Sahjah | Marcus Kwame Anderson | Benny Bacy from Erica Kimberly's The Ivory Toad Collection | Brumsic Brandon Jr. | Barbara Brandon-Croft  | Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire | Taylored Curiosities | Rodney Jackson | Kilroy III of Kilroy's Attic | Frankie Lynne | Tracy Mothershed | Vs the Bad Guys of Medialia Gallery & Sips Tea Party ComicGrey Williamson of Carbon-Fibre Media & Val-Mar ComicJen Wojtowicz | Ashley Woods | Onjena Yo of Carbon-Fibre Media & Sips Tea Party Comic

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Curated by Onjena Yo

Virtual Tour of "The Little Things"