O'BOTS: Who we are

O'BOTS are...a bridge of cultural communication, an artistic platform for creative expression... O'BOTs are FUN! 

Four brothers and sisters make up the primary O'BABYBOTS in O'ville: Yobo Yo, Mogo Yo, Opso Yo and Popo Yo (and their trusty sidekicks, Deeogee, Crumple, Epo and Rawr).

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Our HERO'BOT line of toy robots celebrate everyday heroes. Our military, cops, firefighters, doctors, nurses...Tweet us your favorite @HERO_BOTs or design your own here.

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Where in the world are robots not loved? Especially robots that adopt the style and swag of a culture, a region or a school... Representin' Brooklyn, Hipsters, Emos, Hillbillies... and more... Inspired? Design a GEO'BOT based on you or someone you know. Download the template here and share your designs with us via twitter @GEOBOTs.

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When isn't it the season to politic...? Bernie, Clinton, Trump, Obama... time for all the pundits to weigh in. Let the name-calling begin... Bernie'bots... O'bamabots... Hillbots... Romneybots... We thought we'd add some cuteness to the political process with our line of POLITICO'BOTS. Equal opportunity cuteness is our policy!

We will be adding to the POLITICO'BOT team... so stay tuned! Connect with us @POLITICOBOT!


Who's not into cosplay? Our O'BOTs are...Superheroes, sidekicks, old and new. All are welcome. Tweet us your favorite @COSBOTs or design your own here.

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Our vegan ZOMBIO'BOTS eat healthy and live minimally but are not immortal. They've taken on a life of their own...all by spreading love! Connect with us @ZOMBIOBOT!

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Most designs are available on t-shirts, stickers and other gifts on our Redbubble store.

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O'BOTIFICATION: O'BOTIFY Yourself or a Loved One!

You can design your own O'BOT using our template or we can design one for you. Print out our template and have your child design their own and we'll convert it into their very own custom toy robot! Who knows, maybe your O'BOT character will make it into one of our comics or picture books!

A few of our O'BOTIFICATIONs can be viewed on t-shirts and other gift items on our Redbubble store. 

Questions? Contact us at connect(at)carbon-fibre.me or via twitter @O_BOTs!

Twitter: @O_BOTs