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Today, Tara Nakashima Donahue & Onjena Yo published the first five panels of their weekly comic, Sips Tea Party (STPC). STPC began five years ago with a casual comment and brilliant concept by Tara at one of her comic shows at Medialia Gallery. We hope it was worth the wait. 

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation

Power Naps

Power Naps

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

The Get Over Party

The Get Over Party

Corporate Diversity

Corporate Diversity

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MULTINATIONAL PATRIOT: Calgary's Barbara Parker Celebrates Pair of Holes-In-One in Single Golf Tournament



Calgary's Barbara Parker purchased two Canadian American Multinational Patriot t-shirts for herself and a guest, Bonnie Barker, for a Ladies Member Guest golf tournament in Arizona held in March 2017. With her self-proclaimed "lucky shirt," on the 2nd day of the tournament, Parker struck two holes-in-one on consecutive par 3's. Sports reporter, David Kelley of Tucson News Now writes: 

The odds on making a hole-in-one in golf are generally thought to be around 13,000-to-1 with the possibility of doing what Parker did and making two in the same round closer to 165,000,000-to-1. Yes that is 165-million.
— David Kelly. Tucson News Now

Other news sources report odds of 167 million to 1. You may as well say "a gazillion to 1."

    Parker's accomplishment is now memorialized in poster size at the golf course in Arizona, The Gallery. We've memorialized Parker in our own way: 

    A Few of Our Canadian-inspired Designs: 

    Designs are available on t-shirts, totes, mugs & more on our Redbubble shop.


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    WORDS AND PICTURES: So... MARVEL Comics has a "diversity initiative" now...in 2017?

    MARVEL comics has a "diversity initiative" designed to bring in "new readers of all ethnicities, ages, and worldviews"...
    Now... in 2017...?
    What happened?
    After decades of outright sh*tting on it's non-white, non-male, non-"American"(whatever they thought that means)audience... and insulting it's so-called "White" actually progressive audience...
    ... and partnering with D.C. Comics(through Diamond) to monopolize distribution and destroy independent competition...
    Why now?
    Has there been a recent massive change in the population demographic?
    Did the entire creative staff get fired in some corporate takeover?
    Were they unable to stave off the long-enduring racism and discrimination lawsuits with "token" hirings?
    Maybe... but I doubt it... that tactic works too well.
    So, why now?

    Almost two decades after the success of the "Blade" movie(even when the public was tired of vampires) exposed the racist lie generated by their creative staff that "Black" characters couldn't sell to a "mainstream" audience... and still no Black Panther movie yet?
    (They actually claimed, after StarTrek and several other sci-fi movies, that they didn't have the capabilities to render Wakanda... and then did "Thor" and "Dr Strange"... a live action Ghost in the Shell will actually come out before it, lol...).

    What happened?

    Could it be that they haven't been making anywhere near as much money off of antiquated, overtly racist, misogynist, repetitively formulaic content as they would have us believe... and now they're in financial trouble?
    Could it be that decades after the Civil Rights movement, the Viet Nam war and Vanessa Williams being stripped of her title for showing her body(when that's what she got her title for)... the comic book audience is tired of being portrayed as subhuman props, toys and sidekicks... and it costs too much money just to disrespect yourself?

    Could it be... the interwebs?

    Yeah, it's the net... it's all grown up...
    In it we regularly casually show each other that the emperor is buck naked and "the wizard" is just an old dude flipping levers behind a curtain... 
    And that maybe we shouldn't be terrified of the dark...
    and "pussy"...
    and dark pussy.

    ... and what were they producing before "the initiative"...?

    I love the net.

    ~ Grey

    EVENT: Medialia Gallery Presents: From Panel to Panel: STIRRUPS & BEANS with Tara Nakashima Donahue, Regine Sawyer & Pamela Thomas

    Medialia Gallery and New Approach presents:


    Hosted by:

    Pamela Thomas, Regine Sawyer & Tara Nakashima Donahue

    "We invite patrons of the arts, foodies, comic readers, and the curious to sample from pedestals of delectable rustic-influenced treats while viewing the art of the first Black Cowboy of American Comics, THE CHISHOLM KID. 

    Guests will be guided through flavors, art, and comics history by Chef Regine Sawyer, Founder of Women in Comics NYC International, Pamela Thomas, co-founder of The Museum of Uncut Funk, and Tara Nakashima Donahue, comics curator at Medialia Gallery."

    Saturday, April 17th 2017, 3 PM - 5 PM

    Tickets: $25

    RSVP: Eventbrite

    Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery

    335 West 38th Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10018


    About Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery

    Established in 1992, Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery specializes in small, affordable works by international artists, including: book art, medallic sculpture, small sculpture, transformable sculpture, wearable sculpture and wall hangings. Work of gallery artists is exhibited on a continual basis, along with special one-person and group exhibitions by international artists.

    Founder and artistic director Mashiko Nakashima, has also established the not-for-profit, New Approach Inc. to promote emerging artists and curators, as well as to encourage public awareness and exposure to unconventional medallic art. 

    About Women in Comics Collective NYC

    Co-founded by Regine Sawyer, the Women in Comics Collective NYC is an artistic and informative initiative that began in May of 2012. It serves to educate communities about the role and merit of Women working in the Comic Book/Multimedia industries as well as highlight their artistic endeavors.

    About Museum of Uncut Funk

    Founded by Pamela Thomas, the mission of The Museum of UnCut Funk is to document the artistic and cultural contributions of, preserve key artifacts from and educate the public about the historical impact of one of the most significant decades in Black American history - the 1970’s.

    RHYME & REASON: Illumination by Grey Williamson

    Sometimes wish that I could turn off the sh*t flyin' 'round in my head.
    It picks at my peace like merciless vultures.
    Memories not mine but I own it.

    They yellin' all up in my face I'm tryin' to hide instead.
    It's all blood and tears and screams and torches...
    Time Scars invisible yet horrifically lit.

    How to address the living and still honor the dead...
    Midst our own violent refusals
    live their co-opted cultures...
    the blatant denials, the obvious conflict.

    Levels and layers of desperation and dread..
    Confusion in perception of pasts and futures...
    and no present where it can realistically fit.

    Drinking smoking medicating then bed...
    Staring at blue light reflecting off ceiling fixtures...
    Illumination of just how much I can't resolve it.

    Still this side of the dirt is better someone said. 
    Even if there's blood spilled in the mixture.
    Neither living or humanity is promised or guaranteed... whether we choose to disagree or choose to accept it.

    ~ Grey