WRITTEN WORD: Sectors by Bed Stuy's Harule Stokes

A murder has been committed in Westwood. Joseph Marshall, a newly graduated NextGen operative is sent to investigate the only suspect - one of the last remaining Fallen. Will he live long enough to solve the murder or die by the hands of one of the most powerful living weapons ever created? 


There is much associated with the term Science-fiction. Recently when mentioning that genre of fiction, the expectation is of concepts related to what would become big explosive special effects in film... impossible action sequences... unbelievable exotic gadgets... more often then not set in a dystopian future.
This book was different. It was all story.
The settings, the gadgetry all melted away into an escape into the coming of age story of Joseph, an extraordinary young man, with an all too human psychology.
It took me back years to my early adulthood, and then carried me into a strange, yet familiar place.
I can not tell you why, I related to it that much but I did... and what Joseph went through, I felt.
By the end of it I felt like I, more than he, had grown.
What an accomplishment for a writer.
It was more than I expected, more than I have gotten used to.
Thank you, Mr. Stokes... I am now a fan.

~ Grey


"Sectors" is available for download on Amazon. Follow Mr. Stokes' personal journey into the world of writing and self-discovery on his blog: A Soul in Black and White. A note from the author, Harule Stokes:



The most interesting experience of writing this novel was the emotions I experienced while transferring my thoughts to the screen. Some days, I found myself fighting off tears. Other days, I laughed out loud, then realized I looked like a nutcase. Best of all, there were moments of catharsis, cleansing releases were I found myself expressing the dreams of being the person I strive to be, and the sorrow of seeing the parts of myself I wish I could eradicate.

Sectors is really about becoming an adult and taking responsibility for who you are and choosing who you’ll become. Regardless of your environment, it is the person that must ultimately decide their own path. So choose.
— Harule Stokes