WRITTEN WORD: The God of Competition by Onjena Yo: Championed by Teressa J. Wilkes

My sister wrote her first draft of "The God of Competition" in 1994. From the first time I read it, I have been inspired to do and be my best, and I have wished for this story to find its way into the homes of every family ever since. 

Like many younger siblings, I imitated my older sister as she read books for hours, laying in her bed only a few feet away from mine. During those nights of falling asleep with a book on my face, I discovered a love for reading that eventually lead me to my passion for teaching.

Once I started my career as a teacher, The God of Competition became an oral tradition in my classroom with lively discussions about raising expectations, fulfilling our massive potential, and loving all versions of ourselves during the process.

For me, it is a story about striving for improvement... about becoming better tomorrow than we are today.

I have been blessed with resilient parents and elder siblings who have motivated and inspired me to work hard and do well in everything that I have attempted. By championing this story, I hope to pay it forward and inspire others to do the same.

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~ TJ