INTERACTIVE MEDIA: Virtual Baby Shower Games Hosted by the O'BABYBOTs

These games were based on games created by WWW.WELCOMEBABY.COM and were further developed for a virtual baby shower we hosted a couple of years ago. Yes, a virtual baby shower... with video and teleconferencing for all the friends and family who were sprinkled across the globe. 

We developed one version for YouTube that runs on a ten second timer per slide and a second for download for those who prefer a more leisurely pace (admittedly, we probably should have provided 15 seconds per slide...). 

You can download the slides below for your shower, traditional or virtual.

O'BABYBOT Word Scramble: Download Gallery

We would love to hear how you were able to incorporate them into your (or a loved one's) special day. 

Tweet us your pics @OBABYBOT!

Special thank yous to the following people: 

~ Onjena Yo

O'BABYBOT Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric: Download Gallery