COLLECTIBLES: Rocko'bots, Cos'bots and O'bamabots by Rodney Jackson: Toy Robot Customizer Extraordinaire

Rocko'bots, cos'bots and O'bamabots... Oh my! How lucky was I to find someone who shares my love of robots? My partnership with Miami Artist, Rodney Jackson, began with his customization of the O'bot for his solo exhibit, PlanetRock, the third in a series of shows called DonuPop.

The "Rocko'bot" was based on "Rocko Rocket," a character that stars in a children's book that Rodney created with his wife, Yolande Clarke-Jackson. 

I asked Mr. Jackson about his exhibit, PlanetRock and his experience with debutting the O'bots in their very first art show. Here's his response:

“What I’m interested in is how sci fi, comics hip hop and anime expand our perception. These genres are the reason I became an artist in the first place. So I use their iconography as my visual alphabet. The work is the conversation. Rocko Rocket is a character that represents this process, as far as taking something from the abstract to the physical...

The O’bots are one crazy phenomena that happend during the course of one’s work that one can’t explain. They were featured in my show at Howl Gallery in the fall and were received really well.”

~ Rodney Jackson

It wasn't long before we partnered with Rodney again on customizing O'bots based on the characters from Neon Son, a crossover graphic novel featuring three different properties: Dread Society XGaltow and Neon

Consider my expectations blown. The details were killer. The creators from Neon Son were equally blown away by seeing their characters morphed into toy robots...or as we like to call them, cos'bots... 

These cos'bots made their debut in The Art of Neon Son hosted by Tara Nakashima Donahue of Medialia Gallery

But that was not the end of our journey with the talented Mr. R. Jackson. Our most recent project.. and very timely with the Presidential elections... is the O'bamabot.

We will be producing a limited edition run of the Renegade O'bamabot.

And yes, more POLITICO'BOTS are in the making... 

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Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena Yo


About the Artist

R. Jackson is a pop artist, designer and educator. For over ten years he has been exhibiting art internationally with the Miami Design District’s Diaspora Vibe Gallery. As a New World School of the Arts student, R. Jackson became a YoungArts finalist and won level one. This made him a presidential scholar nominee in 1990. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, at the top of his classCancel, with a full merit scholarship in 1994. Jackson currently illustrates a children's book, written by his wife Yolande, entitled Rocko Rocket

If you don't know, now you know... R. Jackson ART.

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