O'BABYBOTS: It Takes O’village


The O'BABYBOTs share their adventures through a series of comics and picture books. Currently under development are the following stories:

  • Recyclin' | A young robot named Yobo Yo receives his first bicycle... a rusty classic given to him by his grandfather as a reward for winning 1st prize in an art contest. As he works to customize his bicycle, Yobo Yo learns a difficult lesson about loss and restoration.

  • The Perfect Spot | While teaching his younger sister, Opso Yo, an art lesson, it is Yobo Yo who walks away with the bigger lesson

  • Jelly Belly | Mogo Yo learns to conquer her fears by witnessing the bravery of her father, Daddy Yo

  • Sno'capades | A valuable lesson is learned when Mogo Yo is accused of bullying

  • Daddy's Home | Sisters, Opso Yo and Mogo Yo learn how to save money and the meaning of sacrifice

  • Fightin' Words | Zooby & Pow Pow learn how to fight with their words

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