STATEMENTS: The Ethyr Presents: The Little Things Mini Pop: City of Dreams by Jen Wojtowicz & Marcus Kwame Anderson

The "City of Dreams" is an art project by Jen Wojtowicz and Marcus Kwame Anderson which was a fan favorite at the Women in Comics Collective Comic Con in June of 2018. It is also a favorite in our home and our "The Little Things" mini pop up. Jen kindly shared the amazing origin story of the "City of Dreams" on twitter which is captured in four images in the slideshow above. Below are a few pictures of the rest of the "City of Dreams," as our corner represents only 1/6th of this amazing miniature world.

View more pictures of the "City of Dreams" by Jen and Marcus at


Jen Wojtowicz, (Artist, Writer)

Twitter: @Jen_W_Art

Instagram: @jen_wojtowicz_artist



Marcus Kwame Anderson (Painter, Illustrator, Teacher, Comic Creator)

Twitter: @marcuskwame

Instagram: @marcus_kwame