WORDS AND PICTURES: To My Comic Book Heads From Grey Williamson: Legacy of Intent

To my independent comic book heads:

If the creative product requires diversification...
That is an indication of problematic approach, execution and most of all, INTENT.
This implies racism and sexism.
The question is, who is this a problem for?
I am not for pressuring comic companies like Marvel and D.C. for inclusion and representation. 
That is artistic censorship, no matter how you spin it.
They have a right to produce THEIR product for THEIR audience.
And there would be no discussion of "diversity" without a decline in sales.
If they are forced to scale back on production because of target audience metrics, that is THEIR business.
If you are not part of that social dynamic, and you intend to be a comic creator/producer, does it serve you to invest your energy in constructs that are not interested in growing YOU or serving YOUR intended audience?
Being used as bait (as in "token hire") may not be in your best long-term interest.
And this whole business of colorization or direct imitation of product designed to discriminate against and disrespect you is weak... sad... embarrassing... appropriation...
and disrespectful to a legacy of creativity and innovation, in spite of monstrous oppression, that is our ancestral inheritance.
Being competitive in this marketplace is difficult without more than half a century of building behind your product... but isn't that what we do... who we are?
In the present political landscape that seems like a caricature of the 60's, it could not be a better time to rededicate ourselves to creating meaningful and original art within this industry, if only as a life affirming statement against "The Machine".
History tells us that... it has worked before...
There is a precedent.
And the audience deserves better...
Better than regurgitating grifters seeking only to sneak their way into tight pockets, by playing on sympathy or guilt using socially divisive terms... and conspiring to hide real competitive product and producers from social media outlets.
Yeah, we see you...
This ain't over...
We ain't done...
The beat goes on.