WORDS AND PICTURES: Separatist... Integrationist... Racist... by Grey Williamson

Separatist... Integrationist... Racist...

Titles... terms which have no real definitions in a "true" modern world.


Separatism should work, in the way that different nations(China, France, Cuba, Spain, etc.) are allowed to express their own cultural identity... Until we address the truth of where all their cultures come from.

Integration might be cool if it weren't a euphemism for submitting to an all encompassing "dominant" culture to avoid painful conflict. In that way "Integration" translates to cultural terror disguised as a courageous humane stance.

Our modern culture is unwilling to address the true reality of racism... the conspiracy of several fragmented "cultures" to force indigenous Africans to rebuild their failing countries... and the maintenance of a system designed to keep them in that subjugated, servile productivity system.

The "Fanboys" fantasize about the agency and empowerment of what that kind of nation would mean for them in their private places... an identifiable relatable place of origin with its power derived from a source outside of their indoctrination.

Imagine what that could mean to someone living in perpetual fear, hiding behind a veil provided to them by the enslavers of their ancestors... the masters of their minds.

Their investment is a symbol of the combination of the beautiful mirage of freedom within the safety of the familiar cage.

And so... I believe that it is impossible to have a separate empowered nation for the same reason the continent was vulnerable in the first place...

Africa is the Earth.

Our people populate the entire globe.

All other cultures, from the productive to the dysfunctional, are all subdivisions, derivations, bastardizations, and distortions of the source, the true Africa.

In the end, my belief is that the fanboys enthusiasm and investment in that "thing" may be the only thing that gets them through the insanity... and saves them from the abyss.

If so, have at it and bravo to Marvel for their momentary respite. 

~ grey