WORDS AND PICTURES: DC Comics & the "Re-Blackifying" of the Martian Manhunter by Grey Williamson

I know I'm late but...
Let me see if I got this right.

DC Comics decides to address their "diversity" problems by "re-blackifying" Martian Manhunter.
As part of the process, he appears as a big tap-dancing Jimminy Cricket looking thing in a Zoot suit that doesn't know who he is, or whether he's good or bad. 
Pigeon-toed, knock-kneed, sittin' on a stool dressed like an old pimp caricature in a broke down tenement building... 
And they call him "Mr. Biscuits".
This becomes the foundation... the new preparation for him putting on his Black skin.
Mr. Biscuits.
Of course.
How else would you do it.
DC does its research. They know "the blacks".

~ grey