WORDS AND PICTURES: Alien and Amazon | A Fresh Take on the Super and Wonder of Man by Grey Williamson

The "Man Of Tomorrow"...

The idea of sending a being back in time to avert a catastrophic future was fascinating but not exactly new in science-fiction. When that concept turned into "the lone survivor of a decimated planet seeking a new home for his doomed culture"... that was an interesting, if not entirely a new twist.

My approach was simple and literal... stick to the inspiration, and add just a touch of potentially dangerous implication.

Alien and Amazon

When "Wonder Woman" appeared in comic books, America's view of sexuality was not much different then it is today... although the quality or quantity of exposure is practically caricature.

The feministic warrior/cheerleader was to be the embodiment of female potential in a sexually provocative package... that was perpetually at the edge of man's reach.

Both dated and current… timeless...

~ Grey