THE ETHYR: Iris Elba "Too Street" to Play James Bond, 007 by Grey Williamson




[Anthony Horowitz, current James Bond author] described a brother like Elba as "street".
What the hell is that?!
As opposed to... what?!
Calling him "street" is tantamount to calling a black man a thug.

I grew up dead center of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn during the gang era, and stayed during the "crack" wars. I'm not soft. I wonder what he would call "me". 

They are the ones drawing the distinctions between us. They are the division, not us.
I say leave them to themselves.
You don't chase after the one that leaves you.

Fleming himself may have not been interested in anything resembling a color distinction. Again, one never knows... or at least I don't.
However to label [Anthony Horowitz] a hack is to label almost the entire industry hacks.
I can't conveniently marginalize him in the industry because he marginalizes me. No matter how good you might think a writer is, if he or she is slanted in that way, you have to expect elements of that myopia to be in their writing.
It is what it is.

This is what happens when you worship writers and artists that don't feature you prominently in their works. They show you why.
If they don't want you, stop courting them.
You look thirsty.

Go where you belong, to a place where you are wanted...
Where you can be yourself.


Photos are of Idris Elba's character, "Luther," from the BBC show, "Luther" written by Neil Cross