WRITTEN WORD: Radha Blank: The Soulsong of a People

Radha is one of "those" people. A genuine genius, grounded in the reality... the real life struggle for a human existence in the twisted maze of the matrix.

There is a "sisterhood" in Brooklyn. If you live in the hubs of the 'hood you can't go far without the light shining on you... warming you... 
The life's blood of the community. 
The conscience... the heart... the soulsong of a people.

Same as it ever was.

We see you.

~ Grey

Excerpt from The Shadow League's interview: Hollywood Writer Radha Blank: From A Bronx Kid To Empire And Beyond by Ericka Blount Danois:

Radha Blank on her mom, love and the youth: 

"She had some magic about her. She taught me to never be afraid of young people and to engage them from a place of love. There are young people in New York that I have lifelong relationships with. In terms of my writing voice, I know young people. From a very young age, I was taught that is a very valuable resource we have, our young people."

TSL: Tell me a little bit about Rakim, speaking about Hip-Hop. I know you like his, well, his nose.

Radha Blank: There’s only been a couple of noses like that in history, James Evans, Marvin Gaye had that arrow nose, and the arrow is kind of pointing down at the goods, like its right here baby. If me and his nose could just run away together and populate the world. That nose is...it’s telling you, ‘Yo this is a f----Ashanti warrior. I could make love to you or I could stab you. I could go in many different directions.’

It’s powerful and black and African. You feel protected because he’s got a spear on his face. He’s got all of Africa on his face right there. I call men with that kind of nose a JEN—a James Evans nose.

Read the full interview on The Shadow League to learn more about Radha's origins, inspiration and current projects. 

This is what love looks like...