WRITTEN WORD: Fallen Sun: The Great War by Sci-Fi Writer Harule Stokes

I am working hard to carve out time to sit and read FALLEN SUN: THE GREAT WAR by Harule Stokes. After the overwhelming experience of the first book of this series, SECTORS, I am expecting nothing less than to be truly affected.

When discovering sci-fi novels as a child, I enjoyed being swept away to different worlds and escaping into lives much more interesting than my own. The education and the emotional effect carried me through my less than glamorous life, book after book, making growing into adulthood a wonderful experience... sometimes in direct contrast to being overwhelmed by real life, in the real world.

Now I am an adult and the truths of this world are more profound to me than what I ran away into earlier...

And something got lost in the process.

Harule Stokes with SECTORS gave me back what I missed, what had fueled me during the down days... the lows...

To know that there is more, that it continues and goes even deeper into that place... well... that deserves the real time investment... the real sit down.

It might happen this weekend.

I can't wait.

~ Grey