STATEMENTS: Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr Presents: From Panel to Panel: Read for Change Comics & Picture Book Exhibit :: March - April 2018 :: NYC :: The Last Word by André LeRoy Davis

If you’ve never been introduced to my artistry before my humor may be outside of the box, but I tell a story within a box. Jocularity, politics, captivating likeness, well thought out ideas, detail, hidden jokes, in your face statements and a parody that works in totality to elevate the complete package that seemingly draws you in. My mission with my art is to, inform, “make ‘em laugh, make ‘em think, enlighten ‘em, make ‘em double think about what they first thought and most importantly… to say something with my art.

~ André LeRoy Davis


André LeRoy Davis

Twitter: @ALDreDay

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Facebook: The Art of André LeRoy Davis aka A. L. Dré


From Panel to Panel: Read for Change: A group show of original and print cartoons, comics, illustrations and picture books