STATEMENTS: Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr Presents: From Panel to Panel: Read for Change Comics & Picture Book Exhibit :: March - April 2018 :: NYC :: Brumsic Brandon Jr. & Barbara Brandon-Croft

Originals, prints & books by Brumsic Brandon Jr. & Barbara Brandon-Croft, the "only instance of a father-daughter lineage in comic syndication history today,"

Brumsic Brandon Jr. 

  1. SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS (1963) by Brumsic Brandon, Jr., Correspondence from Langston Hughes praises SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS as “the MOST.” Hughes’ mention of “being white” is a reference to a caricature Brandon made of him. Brandon’s reply was “I didn’t make you white, the paper is white!”
  2. DAMNED IF WE DO, AND DAMNED IF WE DON’T (1966), digital reprints on cardstock. This series was created for Freedomways Vol. 6, No. 4, 1966. 5” x 7” unframed: 1 for $5 5 for $20 set of 8 for $25
  3. 1960s Lino-cut hand-reprints, stamped by the Brumsic Brandon, Jr. Art Trust, various sizes. $125 unframed / $135 framed
  4. LUTHER, November 1-3, 1973, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, ink on Bristol.
  5. LUTHER’S GOT CLASS, Introductory “Love Note” by Shirley Chisholm, First Printing, 1976. $25
  6. THE WEARY PICKET (1977), Black Resources, Inc, reprinted from Library of Congress file with permission from The Brumsic Brandon, Jr. Art Trust.
  7. Reproduction of February 28, 1985, Black Resources, Inc. Collection of The Brumsic Brandon, Jr. Art Trust.
  8. BLACK CAT BEEBOP’S FABLES (1986), ink on bristol board. Collection of The Brumsic Brandon, Jr. Art Trust.
  9. WHAT WE OVERCAME (undated), 38 pages - original college and digital printing. Posthumous lettering by Barbara Brandon-Croft, a currently unpublished 28-page book, utilizing geometric construction paper cutouts in the iconic style honed by Brandon since the 1960s. Collection of The Brumsic Brandon, Jr. Art Trust.

Barbara Brandon-Croft

  1. WHERE I’M COMING FROM (various), unique: ink on board, Not-for-sale
  2. HEAL magnet

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From Panel to Panel: Read for Change: A group show of original and print cartoons, comics, illustrations and picture books