STATEMENTS: Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr Presents: Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change Toy Show :: November 2017 :: NYC :: My Family Builders by Eze Karpf


A diversity-focused toy designed in San Francisco in 2015. MyFamilyBuilders offers a hands-on solution to the understanding and immersion of a subject essential to the global community–one that is crucial to discuss with children. Parents and educators want to raise open-minded, inclusive thinkers that are well-versed on family diversity. They can count on My Family Builders to help do so in a market otherwise overwhelmingly one dimensional. Offering a dynamic arrangement of race, gender, and disability, the My Family Builders products use children's play to encourage an emerging generation's empathy.

~ Eze Karpf


Eze Karpf, creator of My Family Builders

Twitter: @MyFamilyBuilder

Instagram: @myfamilybuilders

Facebook: My Family Builders