STATEMENTS: Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr Presents: Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change Toy Show :: November 2017 :: NYC :: Chuki in Paper Tales by Nelson Asencio of Storybox Ink

In a society where we have a person considered to be the ruler of the free world, it’s appalling that a man named Trump is that person. His lack of respect for humanity and empathy were apparent when he finally made it to the island of Puerto Rico and he threw rolls of paper towels at the crowd. The fact is that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and over 3 million Puerto Rican people are American citizens. It is the duty of the United States to run to its aid in this horrific crisis.  Unfortunately, Trump spent days saying immature things like, “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack!” The rambling tales from  Trumpland harbor impropriety, racism & bigotry. The fumbling lies are whack and the problem is systemic of the new administration. Now, we have a new paper tale named Whitefish.

Chuki is an animated fictional character featured in the “Paper Tales.” In Chuki’s imagination, we can expect an upside-world with nemesis Trump as a character. Real life shouldn’t mirror fiction.  

The magic of Chuki is that it captures the purity of emotions, revels in the world of imagination and brings joy to the lives of children of all ages. Chuki brings a filter-free perspective of life’s experiences, beyond boundaries.

~ Nelson Asencio

AIM, DESTROY, TRANSFORM: Play For Change: A group show of toys, games and figures at Medialia Gallery