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Kilroy III | The Architect and Sculptor of Castle Grayskull

Kilroy III | The Architect and Sculptor of Castle Grayskull

Metal, wax and resin are not the only mediums in which this sculptor works... Kilroy III, with the assistance of his family and friends, Onjena Yo and Unstoppable Tiff, sculpted Castle GrayskullHe-Man's fortress from Mattel's comic Masters of the Universe, out of three-plus-feet of snow from Brooklyn's Snowmageddon of 2011.

With adjacent yards on the Bed-Stuy block, there was an abundance of snow. Coupled with old school geekery and a dose of nostalgia, there was only one option...resurrect Castle Grayskull igloo...



No...this was not the first Castle Grayskull igloo... The first was constructed with childhood friends from Kilroy III's hometown in Ohio circa the early 1990's as captured below by the Fairborn Daily Herald.

Fairborn Daily Herald: Castle Grayskull circa 1994

Fairborn Daily Herald: Castle Grayskull circa 1994

When asked why he decided to try it again, Kilroy III mentioned the amount and texture of snow as primary factors. His friends believe his sculpting skills have improved since then... What do you think?


The interior includes two chairs carved into each wing of the castle.  Three to four adults could easily fit inside.


Early pics of the castle show Kilroy III hauling snow over the castle (from the front to the back) and standing on a ladder to sculpt the turrets.  


The other dedicated team members would periodically run into the house to warm their hands and feet before continuing the arduous work of shoveling, packing, coring and sculpting snow and ice.  Unstoppable Tiff was inspired by the architecture of the church across the street, Our Lady of Victory, and incorporated some of the details in her stone work on the castle. 

unstoppable tiff & Onjena yo

unstoppable tiff & Onjena yo

Guardians of the castle: Fizz & Kigi

Guardians of the castle: Fizz & Kigi

An additional factor for success were the tools used by Kilroy III, Onjena Yo & Unstoppable Tiff... a Korean soup bowl and spoon... great for smoothing snow and etching details... and eating spicy Shin ramyun... 


Neighbors kindly offered their tools and words of encouragement throughout the two days of construction of Castle Grayskull.  Many volunteered to assist in building an extension during the next snowmageddon, assuming the castle survives...

Kilroy III,  Onjena Yo & Unstoppable Tiff were grateful for the exercise and the opportunity to have some fun with family, friends and neighbors. They encourage all who took pictures of the castle to share them with them on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

A Tour of Castle Grayskull: Day 3: Still Very Seriously On Point (Music Provided by Asen James)


Carbon-Fibre Media Busts: Apollo | Renegade | Val-Mar by Grey Williamson & Kilroy III

Carbon-Fibre Media Busts: Apollo | Renegade | Val-Mar by Grey Williamson & Kilroy III

Kilroy III earned his degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania. He made his professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media under with his work on the Apollo, Val-Mar and Renegade Obama busts and sculptures with Grey Williamson

Kilroy III launched Kilroy's Attic to house his own creations including dragon crossbow rings, puzzle lockets, knuckle dusters, skulls and a hungry hungry hippo mech ring. It is a tiny space to challenge one’s perceptions and to share a human touch.

Connect with Kilroy III on twitter @kilroysattic.


Onjena Yo makes her professional artistic debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of t-shirts for multinationalPATRIOTs. She is also an amateur scrapbooker. 

Connect with Onjena Yo on twitter @onjena.

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