EVENT: Tutti i colori di Obama Book Signing with Author Matteo Ceschi :: Milan, Italy :: Nov 6th


For our Italian people, who unlike some Presidential hopefuls, we adore, Matteo Ceschi will be hosting a signing of his book, "Tutti i colori di Obama: L’altra storia delle elezioni americane (All the Colors of Obama. The Other History of American Elections)" on election day, November 6th. 


"The rise of Senator Barack Obama and the affirmation of a post-racial and post-ethnic approach to society led me to investigate the roots of this position, discovering exceptional figures like the comedian and political activist Dick Gregory and the Democratic Representative, Shirley Chisholm, who had campaigned in the Democratic primaries for the presidency back in the late ‘60s and the ‘70s. I discovered the Rev. Jesse Jackson...his story grabbed me, just as Spike Lee, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers had done...I followed their human and political adventures step by step..."

~ Matteo Ceschi

In honor of this very special day, artists Rodney Jackson and Grey Williamson produced a poster for Mr. Ceschi's event. 

Tutti i colori di Obama poster by Rodney Jackson

Tutti i colori di Obama poster by Rodney Jackson

Both the cover of Mr. Ceschi's book and Mr. Jackson's poster feature the Renegade Obama bust by Grey Williamson and Kilroy III. The poster was featured on Design for Obama

Although we'd love to be at Mr. Ceschi's book signing, we have an important task to do today. We will be posting pictures of his event soon. Tutti i colori di Obama is available from the publisher, Franco Angeli Editore (www.francoangeli.it).

Read more of our fascinating interview of Matteo... he shares shares his inspiration, highlights and challenges while researching and writing "Tutti i colori di Obama."

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena Yo


About the Author

MATTEO CESCHI is a historian of African-American culture and U.S. counterculture. He writes for a music magazine and teaches History of journalism and music journalism at the University eCampus in Italy. He has worked with the chair of North American History and Contemporary History at the faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Milan. In 2000 he joined the comparative history project Milan-Montpellier Group, founded in 1980 by Italian, American and French academics. He is author of Musica Nera/Black Music (Milan: 2005) and Green Rock. Music and Ecology in the United States from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen (Milan: 2008) and numerous essays in Italian and English.

About the Artists

R. JACKSON is a pop artist, designer and educator. For over ten years he has been exhibiting art internationally with the Miami Design District’s Diaspora Vibe Gallery. As a New World School of the Arts student, R. Jackson became a YoungArts finalist and won level one. This made him a presidential scholar nominee in 1990. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, at the top of his class, with a full merit scholarship in 1994. Jackson currently illustrates a children's book, written by his wife Yolande, entitled Rocko Rocket

GREY WILLIAMSON, born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York,  has worked as a writer, artist and designer for almost every major comic publisher in the comic industry. He formed Carbon-Fibre Media as a home for his entertainment properties and productions