COLLECTIBLES: Fingered & Dangerous: Dragon Crossbow Ring by Kilroy III of Kilroy's Attic


So I was thinking, how do I protect myself during a schoolyard skirmish, cubicle conflict, or a ninja ambush?

MacGuyvering an explosive devise then drawing your eyebrows on with mascara could work, however chance favors the prepared mind. But how to be locked, loaded, and ready to rumble while appearing meek and humble? The answer lies in a piece of ancient technology. I love ancient tech and the Chinese Repeating Crossbow is very high on that list. However, it simplicity, effectiveness, and beauty in design are all but neutralized by little consideration to its facade. In short it's hella ugly.

Some shrinkage, a new housing, and viola, the world is reintroduced to history with my Repeating Crossbow Dragon Ring! While the barrage of tiny projectiles won't bring down any large game, it sure will command respect on any impromptu battlefield. Here's a sneak peek of my battlefield leveler.


Why isn't this on every finger right now?!? I know, what a backward world we live in! Well that's something in the pipeline that I will reveal. Anything more would rupture your zombie minds.

~ Kilroy III :: Kilroy's Attic :: @kilroysattic