POLITICO'BOT: Power Couples: Obamas, Sanders, Clintons, DeBlasios

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Many used to argue that a Sanders-Warren ticket would make the ultimate power "couple." After Senator Warren's recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, this is no longer an option for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party... or formerly of the Democratic Party. 

Dr. Jill Stein appears to be the dark horse in this election... not necessarily as a presidential nominee...but definitely as a player in changing the political landscape in the United States. The fact that she offered the top of her Green Party ticket to Senator Sanders speaks volumes. 

We support a true multi-party political system. No more empty rhetoric about "reaching across THE aisle" as there would be many aisles...many positions...

Not sure of any "power couples" emerging from the GOP ticket. Seems they are still trying to come to terms with nominating a bigot as their leader... Their strategy? Hoping that he behaves and keeps quiet about his bigotry. What century are they in?

What say you?

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