O'BABYBOTS: Introducing Mogo, Opso, Popo & Yobo: Brothers & Sisters

Many of the O'BABYBOT character designs and personalities were based on the children of close family and friends... each having a unique perspective and multiple stories to share. Here are just a few of them:


Mogo Yo is the youngest of four who loves to dance, eat and cook! Her sidekick is Crumple, a hippo who is always hungry. Crumple is Mogo's taste tester but he likes everything she feeds him! Good thing her best friend, Nom Yum, has a tongue that can distinguish the good cupcakes from the great ones!


Opso Yo is a space nerd. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Fridolf Ole who teaches earth science, astronomy and chemistry.

Opso is very competitive but quite absent-minded, so her trusty sidekick, Epo, the ladybug, comes to her rescue more often than Opso would care to admit... that is, if she could actually remember... 


Popo Yo is an undercover mathematical and musical genius. His best friend is Rawr, a three-legged dinosaur who is his primary confidant, after his brother and sisters, of course. Popo's and Rawr's dedication to righting the wrongs of the world border on superhero-esque.

Popo loves to share random facts and is always ready with questions, "Why?" being his favorite.

Many ask how Rawr came to have three legs... he was born that way!


Yobo Yo is the eldest of his siblings, Opso, Popo and Mogo. He is also an artist who loves to paint, deconstruct and rebuild anything he can get his hands on. He also likes to create costumes for his family and friends. The more fantastical, the better.

Yobo loves it when his pet dragon, Deeogee, gets fired up. Together, they are a perfect balance of destruction and creation. 

Other family members and neighbors include HERO'BOTs and GEO'BOTs who help guide the O'BABYBOTs. It takes O'village to raise a child...or an O'BABYBOT.

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Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena Yo