O'BABYBOTS: Zooby, Pow Pow & Princess Zoha :: Fighters for Humanity


Zooby & Pow Pow

Twin O'babybot brothers, Zooby and Pow Pow learn how to "fight" with their words, and not their fists. The emblem on their bellies is "The Banner of Peace" designed by Nicholas Roerich based on ancient symbols dating to the Stone Age. Roerich described the circle as "representing the totality of culture with the three dots being Art, Science and Religion, three of the most embracing of human cultural activities." 

Follow the adventures of Zooby and Pow Pow as they evolve into champions for humanity... like current champ, Muhammad Ali.


Muhammad Ali & Grandson

After designing Zooby and Pow Pow, I came across this picture of Ali with his grandson... Seriously... ? I think this picture is worth about a million words... 


Princess Zoha

Princess Zoha was inspired by my friend's 4-year old daughter. While watching the news of unrest in Egypt's Tahir Square during the spring of 2011, my friend tried to explain the protests in terms her young daughter could understand. After a moment of silence, her daughter whispered to her mother, "I want to be there."

Wow. My friend did something right...

Hence, Princess Zoha was born... elder sister to Zooby and Pow Pow.

Zooby and Pow Pow learn a powerful lesson from their friend's father in Fightin' Words, one of the first books in the O'babybot children's series. Follow us on twitter @OBABYBOT for updates. 

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena Yo