INSIDE LOOK: Val-Mar: Gifted and Cursed

My attitude toward producing VAL-MAR: Gifted and Cursed was clear direct communication about difficult subject matter.
For me, as a serious fan of Sci-Fi as well as the comic book genre, it meant not being retentive about the drawing but throwing the images out there with the real energy of the story. 
I made an effort to leave much of it in a rough stage, in keeping with what is being expressed within the content. 
In short, I didn't want "it" to be about me and my egotistical need to impress people with image. There was something in this story that was bigger than that... that I believe is necessary.
In keeping with that, from time to time I will share some barebones sequentials from the production.
I look forward to your impressions of these and how they relate to the book itself.

~ Grey

These images are the foundation for the rendering as they appear in final production.

This story, VAL-MAR Gifted and Cursed, is told through the eyes of a young homeless girl, living in the streets of Times Square, NYC . 
Although in an overwhelming situation, flexibility of thought and ferocious tenacity allows her to transcend the extreme nature of her reality... with a chance to become more than she could ever dream.

Created by Grey Williamson

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