MORE HILLARY CLINTON UNVEILING: Black Children to Prison Pipeline Matters

Bill Clinton is sometimes known as the first African-American president and Hillary Clinton won the South Carolina primary with an overwhelming majority of the African-American vote. But what is their true record on helping the black community? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, presents a Final Judgment on Hillary Clinton's true record with African-Americans.

During a speech on criminal justice reform, she was confronted on her use of the label "Super Predators" for Black children with problematic behavior and equating them to wild dogs that need to be brought "to heel".

In response, Clinton lied... Casually...
"You want to hear the facts, or you just wanna talk... You know what, Nobody's ever asked me before... I'll be happy to address it, but you're the first person to ask me..."
And then invalidated... Casually...
"Okay, back to the issues."

She was asked, simply, to apologize for the role she played in mass incarceration... that her husband admitted publicly was a terrible mistake.

Her and her husband used welfare "reform", criminal justice "reform" and trade "reform" to destroy the lives of an entire generation of Black children from Arkansas to Haiti.

They celebrated the immediate results and her husband waited until after his two terms and "immunity" to admit his role in the moneymaking horrors.

This is not an exaggeration. The info is readily available.

The worst kind of racist is the one that likes you only in an inferior position, and expects your blind support... even to your own detriment.

They expect you to sell out your people for the opportunity to keep company with your superiors.

Open your eyes.

Protect your neck.


~ Grey