OUR AMERICA: "Whiteness," "Reverse Racism" and an Attempt at Invalidation

Source: FUSION: These Trump supporters went full-on Nazi almost immediately after he won

Source: FUSION: These Trump supporters went full-on Nazi almost immediately after he won

There is no such thing as "reverse racism". That is invalidating speech... insult added to injury... for victim's responses to the violation of violent oppression.
Like calling self-defense "reverse assault"...
Don't buy in to Gamespeak BS.

Some white people experience bigotry not racism. That would be impossible for a "white" person. 
Racism is a system by which European "royalty" convinced other Cultures and Nations to conspire with them in order to subjugate the indigenous Africans for economic effect.
Those who can be identified as, or whose lineage is able to be immediately traced to the indigenous African, are what is referred to now as "Black" people.

"What is a 'White' person?"

I am not trying to be antagonistic.
Racism is so deep that a gang has formed that now dominates the world, with no real definitive characteristics... only prohibitive ones...
And they got millions of people to buy in based on what... similar appearance...
Simply unified by the idea that at least, they aren't "Black"?
This lack of clarity makes for the incomplete communication that allows for the insidious to play vicious games in the gaps.
It is time to call a spade, "a spade", and to deal with the truth... whatever that may be...
'cause the lies are killing us.

This racist "definition" is not mine, it is simply history. Once you are aware of what happened, you can always opine about what it means for you, personally... but that does not change history.
This is what racism attempts to do... rewrite history for the justification of systemic oppression.
I have no disdain or dismissal for anyone who experiences bigotry... your experiences are real and significant.
But placing them under the categories of "Black" oppression diminishes the massive effect... the truth of the monstrous continuous building of a devastating mechanism of genocidal destruction.
There is a multi-level war going on against Blacks and their related peoples.
Denial and minimization of that is a huge part of the problem... and I won't take part in that.

Labels without meaning or real classification are BS... and all the bullsh*t is only artillery to indiscriminately fire at anyone who fails the brown bag test.

All of our society is unstable, having been victimized by a small group of people working the concept of "racism" into the foundation of the living environment.
We all are suffering from a diminished existence because of the attempted invalidation of "Black" people.
To expect that only Blacks would suffer as the result of this, is unreasonable, illogical, and unrealistic.
Truth is the answer...
Truth as a bludgeon if necessary, because some people just won't get it unless they have to... unless pain is involved.

Still no one will define what a "white" person is.

What is the defining unique characteristics, the culture... the lineage... the history?

Will anyone answer this?

SOURCE: NYTIMES: More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White BY NATE COHN

SOURCE: NYTIMES: More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White BY NATE COHN

"What is a 'white' person?"

For some time now, I have been posing this question all over social media.
A "Black" person is someone who can be, or has been identified as having indigenous "African" ancestry. 
But no one either has been able to, or is willing to seriously confront the "White" question?
Is it too convenient to just treat it like a gang or religious affiliation?
Are we afraid that a real definition would cause massive reclassification with legal ramifications?
Or do we just need to entertain a distracting mythology?

I honestly do not have a definition. 
I have asked for help.
How can we have real discussion of race, or real cultural "exchange" if we don't know what the "labels" mean or classifications are?
The question is still out there.

I don't want to be agreed with.
I just want truth.

It has been years now, and no one will discuss it.
The beat goes on.

~ Grey