The Miseducation of White Folks re: White Supremacy

If you have ever injured your back and couldn’t walk... for any length of time...

You know.

You can’t ever look at someone bent over struggling or laying on the ground with “that look” and not feel something.

What happens with racism?

We have to keep re-educating the vast majority of “Whites” on the specifics aspects of the damage caused by racism and “White Supremacism”... keep describing what that pain feels like... about how heavy it feels on our backs... and necks...

Because it’s not their experience... not a part of their lives.

Instead, the apathetic majority subscribes various levels of inequality to the cause of this “phantom” pain... blaming it on everything from lazy, overindulgence to demented masochism... where we enjoy damaging ourselves so that we can blame “them” for it.

That... those characteristics... are, to them, the qualities of an inferior being.

They’re even tired of hearing about it. Like when a dog is barking and you’re trying to concentrate... or a car alarm is blaring when you’re trying to sleep.

“Give it a bone, put it outside, shut that ‘thing’ up for ‘Christ’s’ sake... I’m trying to live ‘my’ life.”

This does not change until “Blacks” are in a position to inflict the same devastating pain upon these racists.

The alphas within that culture must be identified and separated from the others that they hide within and behind... their army.

They must be ostracized... cut off of any benefit from interacting with our “inferior” culture... and left to fend for themselves.

Stop making excuses for their so-called ignorance.

Stop tip-toeing around their feelings.

Stop trying to make them comfortable around you.

For “God’s” sake... stop explaining sh*t to them.

... and when they become desperate... and they will... prepare yourselves to defend against their savagery.

In other words... protect your neck.

~ Grey