WE, NOT YOU: White Privilege, Peter Liang and the Other Side of Justice

source:  FUSION

source: FUSION

"We are not asking for White privilege... we are not asking to be included in this cycle of systemic injustice."

While she screams against "White privilege", cries racism and rails against police brutality in concept...

When she says "we" she refers only to Chinese...

She doesn't even realize how much she is misrepresenting this situation... lying to herself.

The conversation is only representative of a cry for special consideration, not blanket accountability and blind justice.

This is what "we" face... a group that large, formed that quickly, that only surfaces when someone is threatened with judgment for violating "us".

Where were they, where was she, when "we" were being assaulted, arrested, murdered all around her.

Why was she not outraged.

We are all human beings with the same right to life, liberty and justice. To believe that we have separate categories and therefore deserve separate degrees of those, is racism.

This is racism.


Open your eyes... protect your neck.

Akai Gurley. Say his name.

~ Grey