Indivisible Ventura: Spread a little love. It’s good for the recipient. It’s good for you.


Adriene, co-director of Indivisible Ventura reached out to us to participate in their “heart postcard” project:

This project was started to give our support to two new congresswomen, Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, who’d been getting an inordinate amount of hate mail and serious death threats. Whether or not we agree with every policy or word they’ve ever spoken, we stand indivisible in their defense and wanted them to know that we respect and support them.
— Indivisible Ventura

Indivisible Ventura encouraged all to write their own personal “heart postcard” to public figures who have been on the frontlines fighting for our rights and taking many many hits. Adriene kindly included postcards to Representatives Omar and Ocasio-Cortez on our behalf.


You can download your heart postcard at #SpreadLove

#WeeklyImmigrantReport by Resister Sophia Jimenez



The #WeeklyImmigrantReport is a social media campaign started by Sophia Jimenez to highlight everyday heros from all of our communities. Mexican-American and a proud daughter of an immigrant, Sophia stated that sharing the #WeeklyImmigrantReport was her way of resisting. We were inspired and wanted to highlight her efforts.

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We can watch Sophia work on twitter @SophiaJay42#WeeklyImmigrantReport

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Connect with Sophia about the #WeeklyImmigrantReport on twitter @SophiaJay42.

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