DEMOCRACY NOW? I Will Have to Live With "That": We All Did It: The Clinton Brand of Racism - In a Women's History Month special, we speak with author, activist and scholar Angela Davis. For more than four decades, Davis has been one of most influential activists and intellectuals in the United States. An icon of the 1970s black liberation movement, Davis' work around issues of gender, race, class and prisons has influenced critical thought and social movements across several generations.
Hillary Clinton tends to rely on a kind of universalism that prevents her from acknowledging the extent to which racism is so much a force and an influence in this country.
— Angela Davis

... When someone's wrongs have such a devastating effect on "us"...
When they will not acknowledge them as "wrong" beyond just the sound of the descriptive terms...
It is because wrong for them is relative.
Did Hilary gain from her policies and actions in Arkansas, Haiti, Iraq etc.?
Of course.
When her husband uses the coded language of "I will have to live with that..." in references to the lives he ruined and the devastating effects he had because of his actions... he omits the part about his and hers increased wealth because of every decision.
Hilary bristles at any mention of money's she made through her mob tactics.
"We all did it." was her response.
Like true descendants of racist culture, she passes the benefits on to her progeny.
Chelsea made more than half a mil on a couple of TV appearance favors... pocket change.

We are not helpless when it comes to determining our future.

We do not have to kneel before false gods with pseudo-superior birthrights.

It is time to put them all away along with their documents and trinkets.