As we explore the #MultinationalPATRIOT space, we come across great articles discussing this journey to co-exist in at least two different worlds from many talented writers and creators. There's one group that insists their patriotism is "pure" and not "multi"... White Americans... ok... not ALL White Americans... We think there are at least two groups.. White Americans, some of whom are willfully oblivious to race & racism (the "I don't see color" folks)... and White Supremacist Americans who attack all non-White groups.... often with religious/sexual orientation/non-conforming gender undertones (e.g., mumbles White Supremacist mantras under their breath)...overtones (e.g., burns a cross on your lawn).

We ask, what is "White?" Who benefits from White Supremacy? Who is hurt by White Supremacy (Hint: We all are). We want to explore not just the extreme knee-jerk-oh-hell-naw tenets of White Supremacy... but the edges as well. Cause, who are we kidding? White Supremacists have been able to survive and now thrive with some White Americans passively benefiting from this complex system. So, their message is resonating and we want to be able to hear the codes.


Speaking of codes: 

  • Alt-Right: White Nationalists, White Supremacists, White Separatists, Aryans and our personal favorite "Hipster Nazis" (gives it that faux-gentile veneer like “gentrification.”)

  • Pepe the Frog: A recent symbol of the newly-branded Alt-Right movement. The Daily Beast wrote about Pepe here.

  • Dindu Nuffin: Code for "The Blacks." Supposedly in heavy rotation in 2014 after significant events with the police. It is intended to mock traumatized mothers who cry that their child "Didn't do nothing wrong." The cruelty is the point, though some will think this is so clever.

  • Google: May also be a code for "The Blacks" to skirt censorship and de-platforming.

  • Kulture Kampf: We've seen this on a few bios of self-identified "Alt-Right" movers and shakers. Wikipedia says it's German for "culture struggle." We get the sense it is being re-appropriated… ?

  • White People: Mainstream, Patriot, Working-Class, The Forgotten, No Hyphen, Middle America, American, Wi-Pipo, They Who Shall Not Be Named

  • Colorblind: Post-Racialism, Race Transcendentalism, "Why You Always Gotta Make It About Race"-ism

  • Identity Politics: Politics in Which All Identities Are Named Except They Who Shall Not Be Named (See "White People" above)

Why learn the new codes? Maybe for the same reasons Tracy Morgan learned all the global slurs for Black people... so he could be prepared wherever he traveled. Prepared for what you ask? For starters, how to shield our children from racist trauma. Yeah.

We toyed with dropping the "multinational" from the title of this blog post.. Early on, we thought that Native Americans were the only "mono-national" group... but realized that, although it may not have been voluntary in each case, Native Americans are faced with reconciling their Native identity with their "American" identity. And although we don't have a definition of "White," we understand that if one goes back far enough in their histories, you'll land in certain countries in Europe... And if one goes back even further, you'll land in a country or region in Africa... But that's not what this blog post is about. However one sees it, White Supremacists are trying to exist in one world without non-Whites (No, really, what is White?). And non-Whites are supposed to go back to.... [FILL IN THE BLANK].

Here are a few #WhiteAmerican & #WhiteSupremacy stories and sources we've come across. If the "good" White-Americans object to being grouped with White Supremacists... we hear  you. We'll post your articles dismantling White Supremacy here to support your cause. Before exploring the White Supremacist space, we urge you to queue up the kitten and panda YouTube videos. Please share when you discover more @MultiPATRIOT (both White-Supremacy-related articles and cute baby animal videos). 

White American and White Supremacist-Themed Articles/Sources: 

White American and White Supremacist-American Twitter Directory: 

Now, we know that "Whiteness" is not exclusively American (although we'd argue, many of the miscegenation laws originated in the United States right after the U.S. Civil War... and inspired those terrible Nazi Germans), we do include some non-U.S. based people/organizations who either self-identify as "White" or with the White Supremacist movement...because diaspora...



Note: We're not making a distinction between White-Americans and White Supremacist Americans. Included here are people and organizations who either support White Supremacy or speak out against it or at least try to. 

Note: If you see a self-identified White Supremacist following an account with a bio and twitter timeline filled with "Black slang" that tries too hard... chances are, it's a fake "Black" account used to infiltrate "Black twitter" and incite some ish. Hmmm...Where have we seen that before?

You Might Be a White Supremacist If...:

 Just a collection of some of our favorite tweets on this topic: 

  • "You get offended everytime white supremacy is scrutinized.": @TeddyTrashLyfe

  • "*Watches American History X* [and] thinks point is black racism is stronger than white racism": @Jhonn_Skot

  • "You interpret the dismantling of white supremacy as white genocide...because we all know genocide is not white.": @populistdemand

  • "You think of eugenics & miscegenation policies to preserve your way of life & not museums & cultural centers.": @populistdemand

  • "Reads Mein Kampf [and] thinks there are some excellent points.": @GuyFoxNews


We have questions...some dumb.. some bold...  

I. Are "White Supremacists," "White Nationalists" and "White Separatists" the same?

ANSWER: No. But they are first cousins. White Supremacists believe "Whites" are supreme and therefore entitled to all the goods. White Nationalists and White Separatists convince themselves that the reason they want to "separate" is because, like the Blacks and them other "minorities", they want to preserve their "White" culture and prevent "White genocide." We just wonder what the test for "Whiteness" to gain entry will be. Anyway, White Nationalists may not mind having non-Whites in their nation as much as White Separatists. Degrees...you can live in my country but not my neighborhood... All this for the sake of "homogeneity?" Imagine applying this concept to food...

II. White Separatists are not the only ones with a separatist agenda. Why don't other separatists (e.g., Black Nationalists) catch the same heat?

ANSWER: Power and branding, maybe? 

III. But why can Black people freely express their pride in their Blackness but White people cannot do the same with their Whiteness? 

ANSWER: Firstly, what is "White"? Our answer is personal. We have zero problem with White people celebrating their "Whiteness" (but we really would like for someone to define "White"). What we have a problem with is perpetuating the false notion that White is supreme. When we celebrate our Blackness, it is about empowerment and uplifting some folks who have had a tough few centuries. That's not to say there aren't some Black folks on the same spectrum of White Supremacists. (We do want to note that our history does not begin with slavery in the United States. It tends to be a major focus because we are still dealing with the ramifications of it). In our experience, when White people "celebrate" Whiteness...it involves targeting non-White (and non-hetero, non-Christian, etc.) groups... We say celebrate "Whiteness" without oppressing others. After some deep honest reflection, many of these "White" celebrations land in a historically "White" country or two... but that's none of our business...

IV. What is "White Genocide"?

ANSWER: We like Media Matter's definition: "[A] conspiracy theory claiming that efforts to increase diversity (often via immigration) are actually attempts to decrease the white population. The Anti-Defamation League notes that the alt-right favors “propaganda on subjects such as immigration and ‘black crime’ as ‘evidence’ of this ostensible ethnic cleansing of whites.”

V. Why do White Supremacists qualify "genocide" with "White" in their campaign to preserve "White" culture?

ANSWER: Well, we've identified an area where "White" is not the default... Well, guess it depends on the point of view... perpetrator or recipient? We personally prefer museums and cultural centers to preserve culture... not anti-immigration, miscegenation and eugenics policies. 

VI. What is a "Cuckservative"?

ANSWER: Infighting among "White" people. We like Media Matter's definition: "conservatives who deviate from their racist and sexist message as “cuckservatives,” a melding of the words conservative and cuckold (the husband of an unfaithful wife)." Apparently there are awards for the most "Cucky" behavior. Perhaps it's similar to Coon? Uncle Tom? Sellout? Seems like we may have more nominees for the Race Draft...  

VII. Are "oppressed" people just perpetuating a "victim" mentality?

ANSWER: Maybe some do but most don't, in our humble opinion. The broader issue to us is the culture of "victim blaming" instead of "perpetrator shaming." We believe this stems from the "winner-take-all" mentality which is coded under the seemingly innocuous "winning." Since when does "winning" mean decimating the "losers"? Sounds like bullying to us but we don't need euphemisms to make talking about oppression more palatable to our oppressor's ears. 

If you read through White Supremacist/colonizer literature... this is the main argument for "excusing" past horrific acts (Not to get into what some call the "Oppression Olympics" but, seriously, how can one be so proud about "winning" with body counts in the millions? Even if one applies the three-fifths rule for Black/Brown bodies, that's a lot of death and destruction to casually excuse). Guess we'll just have to learn more about how to "win" properly from Trump and team.

VIII. What are "White tears" and is it wrong to poke fun at the pain of the White people who shed them?

ANSWER: We like Very Smart Brothas definition: "White tears" is a "phrase to describe what happens when certain types of White people either complain about a nonexistent racial injustice or are upset by a non-White person's success at the expense of a White person." Would you be sympathetic to Nazis as they reacted to their world crumbling? (Note: We generally object to the notion that "Nazis" exclusively represent the worst of humanity. As we wrote earlier, the Nazis got much of their playbook from the U.S.A. in our post-Civil War era because "We're #1!" Wonder what it was about that time that inspired the U.S.A. to become so prolific (Hint: Then: Emancipated Black "citizens." Now: Blacks with agency).

IX. If we're honest, isn't everybody a little bit racist?

ANSWER: Just because a cute muppet sang this on Broadway, it doesn't give one a pass to be racist or to stay ignorant as to what racism really is. But first, Let's Ask the White Guy about his definition of racism: "Racism is more subtle than bigotry, and the concept of “majority” privilege is far more subtle than racism. Racism is directed from majority to those not in the majority and has its roots in economics." Sistah Vegan defines "racism" as a "behavior or attitude towards people [that] will favor an outcome that privileges white racialized people, that privileges a white supremacist value system in the USA." (For those asking why we don't use the "dictionary" definition, please view Everyday Feminism's article here). While the perperators/targets may vary based on the particular country, it still comes down to who has the power to systemically oppress. For the "I don't see color"-folks, there is a difference between being "racist" and "racial." We don't mind being seen as Black...but we kinda mind if we don't get the job, healthcare, education or business loan because we are Black.

X. Isn't being "colorblind" ideal? Maybe "colorblind" people are the only enlightened ones who are "post-racial" because why does it always have to be about race?

ANSWER: We think Dr. Stephanie Logan identified the best definitions and arguments against "colorbindness."

  • "Colorblindness is an effort to not see or acknowledge racial differences (Source: Frankenberg, 1993, Neville et al., 2000)."

  • It is the believe that race should not and does not matter in personal and societal spaces. It promotes a view of racial and ethnic membership as invisible and irrelevant characteristics in how people are treated (Neville et al., 2000; Shofield, 1986)."

We don't want it "to always be about race" but let's start by dismantling the White Supremacist complex built on racial categories created by "White" people. Race may be not be "real" but racism certainly is. Let's stop ignoring the problem of racism and do the actual work to dismantle White Supremacy and live happily ever after in post-racial America. Don't be scared. We're not out to do what was done to us. 

XI. Is "political correctness" just a campaign to restrict free speech?

ANSWER: We thought it was about respecting people by taking a look at our language/traditions which may have a racist/oppressive history and to stop using such language as it hurts people... even when they are programmed to not react. It's called programming and coping. So just because your Black friend said its ok to use the term n*gger, please know that it's a deeply personal issue that cannot be generalized. But back to this notion of being "politically correct." If oppressors would spend more time on analyzing oppressive systems as opposed to whining about what they can and cannot say about oppression (e.g., don't kneel, don't protest like that... etc.), we'd be further along, not post-racial (no such thing IMHO), but further along. Some key definitions: 

  • Freedom of speech: Per Wikipedia: "The right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction."

  • Hate speech: Per the New York Times: "An exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom." Hate speech is protected by the first amendment. Hate crimes are not. (Interesting fact: Most hate crimes in the United States are committed against African Americans: of the 8,208 hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2010, 48% were race related - with 70% of those having an anti-black bias).

  • Fighting words: Per Wikipedia: "Written or spoken words, generally expressed to incite hatred or violence from their target."

  • Political correctness: Per Wikipedia: "Language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to particular groups in society. In the media, the term is generally used as a pejorative, implying that these policies are excessive."

XII. White people have been receiving more criticism in recent years. Isn't this evidence of an anti-White agenda?

ANSWER: No. Because "White" was often the default, identifying "Whiteness" can make some feel vulnerable and sometimes even under attack. That's not to say some aren't attacking (or that it's nor unwarranted in some cases). While some may have an anti-White agenda, we believe most are conflating it with an anti-White Supremacy agenda. The dismantling of White Supremacy will not occur without resistance. We're working out the phases: 

  • Phase I: Create independent country that outlines the protected class in its constitution (e.g., based on gender, race, religion) and reign supreme.

  • Phase II: Once the oppressed groups refuse to tolerate being oppressed, change the language, update the constitution but continue oppressive tactics until oppressed groups get hip to the game (again).

  • Phase III: Elect a leader who the "Founding Fathers" would be proud of and deflect the people's attention while minions continue oppressive tactics that will be dissected and shamed by elites unaffected by oppressive tactics.

  • Phase IV: Not sure what the end game is. Can't be a slow death to the people, can it? No seriously, if I truly believed that someone I loved was going to die, I'd fight till my end. But this is not a personal vendetta. Some may call it evolution, but the question remains, how does it end?

XIII. Aren't "liberals"/Democrats just as racist as "conservatives"/Republicans?

ANSWER: We really don't care where racists fall on the racism spectrum. We've heard of the "Oppression Olympics." What should this okie-doke distraction game be called? Funny how racism doesn't exist unless it's in "reverse" or lobbed at the supposed opposition. Some things aren't a choice like political affiliation. Some things just are... but that doesn't mean those things cannot be undone with some honest dialogue and work.

Have a question on White Supremacy but don't want to ask publicly for fear of attacks from the inevitable trolls? Submit your question anonymously and we'll do our best to answer truthfully.


On a lighter note (no pun intended), we’ve come across many versions of “Bigot Bingo” and wanted to share. The prize for winning? Dismantling any variety of oppressive systems!


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We think many are scared to have their DNA tested to learn of their true origins. Paul Mooney discusses the apprehension some folks have with exploring their family tree for fear that if they shake the tree, a n*gga may fall out (We are paraphrasing and highly recommend watching the full comic routine yourself). We can argue about the degrees of apprehension... We've seen the videos of people learning of their Black ancestry... utter devastation...

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