When "Republicans" say that Obamacare is a "disaster"...

When "Republicans" say that the ACA (Obamacare) is a "disaster"...

They are being literal and correct.. for them.

The "people" were calling for nationwide, universal healthcare, and politicians did not see theft efficiency there. So they tied it up with enough "debate" to convince the public that it wasn't possible... and then sold us out of desperation a plan that was horribly expensive, but still manageable to a small segment of the population.
War was waged to divert attention and funds while...
The Politicians, who still saw it as money left on the table... immediately engaged in the attack with a renewed debate.

Democrats said it was flawed but required more investment to "fix" it...
Republicans say that it is unworkable, and require more funds to replace it.

Ultimately it is a "disaster" for politicians because... in an entirely criminal system where centuries of grift have bloated it beyond almost anyone's realistic understanding...
There are too many gang members that have to get their "cut".

The margins are too small... and they "need" all that money now... and it's never enough to cover the spread.

We have all seen the movies where the gang terrorizes the village for protection money that is beyond what any of the villagers can afford. 

So, they live in fear.

It couldn't be more clear. 
Don't you feel the squeeze? 
Aren't you being terrorized?

Aren't low-level members of the gang... although a motley crew... riding roughshod through your communities like cowboys, disrespecting you and taking all the good sh*t that you couldn't hide from them?

... while the only people that get around it are "entertainers"... who better play the game right "In the bar", or else.

Don't you see it?

WE need to get better at hiding our pennies... and watch them start feeding on themselves...

Like the back-stabbing, low-life good-for-nothing bandits always do in the movies.

Truth in fiction.

Or we can always just wait for a Samurai/Gunslinger to ride in and save us.

Wait for it...

~ Grey