Faux Elitism, Learning to Differentiate by Grey Williamson

We have been infected with a faux elitism resulting from the pecking order imposed on the enslaved by their kidnappers.
This so-called "black bourgeoisie" insanity is now deeply woven into the American Black family structure as much as the distorted Christianity that enslavers beat into us to destroy all remnants of our culture, history and self-worth.
This throwback to the "slave pecking order" manifests as criticism and condemnation for anyone that seeks to advance themselves outside of that structure.

This "hotep" nomenclature... this twisting of a positive concept into an insult... is the result of two things.
The fact that Black people have adopted the cultural mechanisms of their oppressors in the way that any outward display of "knowledge" is only used to elevate one's position into one where funds can be demanded. One grifting group knowing the scam that they are participating in, attacks purveyors of "African" culture that they perceive are only running the same scam... like drug dealers protecting territory.
And secondly, there is also a resentment from people who have submitted to or struggled against submission to one system already, being then asked to submit to another one.
After all that investment or struggle with no real "agency" as the result, there is collective fatigue that by design lies at the foundation of inability to take decisive group action.

We must work to differentiate between charlatan grifters and true educational warriors working for the benefit and empowerment of the oppressed...
and we must do so without imposing the unrealistic expectation upon them of "perfection" as they struggle with their own humanity within an inhumane environment.

~ Grey