All Lives Matter vs Black Lives Matter

Listen to her... Just listen.
Take it in.
If you can't take up arms, the least that you can do is stop playing along with your oppressors bullsh*t.

This is not a "Black Lives Matter" vs. "All Lives Matter" thing.
While we live in a grift-state where the top 1% is enabled by a small group of powerful individuals for advantage over the rest...
The oppression that Philando's mother speaks of in this video is on an entirely different level and is quite specific.
She has felt both subtly and now overtly the effects of the war against Black people that wages in this country as we presently communicate.
Many have mentioned how the whole of society suffers as the result of the oppression of part of it... and the idea of class separation as it related to economy and American social structure was alluded to...
But understand this...
The Black struggle is a separate and particularly egregious one, that may be almost impossible for those that identify as "White" to understand or address properly.
It speaks to the shaping of a culture into the reflection of an ignorant, barbaric one that retold history to limit "us" to one continent in the first place... and then created a highly discriminatory "club" out of a gang they labeled as "White"...
All for the purpose of subjugating those that did not fit into the club criteria into a sub-human class.
Today the mechanisms of that "club" create a system in which, by default, we "Blacks" live in the constant danger of death or destruction by the action of simply living without being "on guard" 24 hrs a day, every day.
This systematic assault is physical, mental, and spiritual... and is the difference that defines the Black experience.
Our expression, Our communication is always activated within that reality, in spite of those ever-present conditions.
This is why it can be offensive when those that identify as part of the oppressive club, although maybe not taking part in its more gang-like activities, attempt to place themselves in the position of those that are oppressed in that manner... as if our positions were the same.
They are not.
The target on our backs is not removable, and despite some of our best efforts, glows through all of our garments.

While forced to deal with the culture of the “White Supremacy” movement,
It is just as important to attack the culture of Black inferiority.
— Grey