DAP CREATOR PLEDGE: If you are as infuriated as we are at the audacity of thieves to repeatedly steal art and sell on third-party platforms, join our Digital Art Patrol (DAP) collective! We are solely fueled by our anger and goodwill toward fellow creatives. Here is what we pledge to do, creative to creative: 

  1. SUBMIT DMCA COMPLAINT(S) & NOTIFY FELLOW CREATIVES: Upon confirming an infringer, file appropriate DMCA complaint(s) and notify at least 3 artists who may have been targeted by the same infringer. (TIP: Choose art that you may have shared anyway had you discovered it outside of this particular scenario).

  2. NOTIFY THE PUBLIC: Notify the public by tweeting the #hashtagged username of the infringer and the #hashtagged name of the print-on-demand (POD) platform (e.g., Amazon, TeeSpring, etc.). Also #hashtag the notice with #DigitalArtPatrol and tag @digiartpatrol for further amplification.

  3. RETWEET: Retweet notices of art theft and copyright infringement of fellow impacted creatives. If you like their art, also retweet links to their original art. Popular hashtags include #copyrightinfringement #arttheft #serialinfringer #repeatoffender.

DAP CONSUMER PLEDGE: When purchasing art online from independent artists, we pledge to the following, consumer to creative:

  1. REVIEW PORTFOLIO BEFORE PURCHASE: Before purchasing art, review the portfolio of the “seller” for consistency. If other art listings appear to have been created by multiple parties, or multiple sellers offer the same art for sale, consider searching for your desired art outside of the current platform and on other websites.

  2. CONDUCT SEARCH OUTSIDE OF PORTFOLIO/PLATFORM: Search either by the name of the art or by conducting a “reverse image search.” If you cannot determine who created the desired art, consider delaying your purchase and contacting those offering the art (honest creatives will often have their social media information on full display. If they don’t, they may be trying to hide their identity or they are a really really tired and out-of-touch artist).

  3. TIP THE CREATIVE: If you fear you may have purchased art from a copyright infringer, consider tipping the original artist so you can wear/display your art guilt-free. (Note: This gracious tip came from attorney Erin Dwyer-Frazier.)

VOLUNTEER WITH DAP: We aim to keep DAP lean and effective and expand only if necessary and sustainable. If you have the time and would like to volunteer with us, please complete this form and we will be in touch! (If you have questions please use the form below as well.)

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