A burned out former special forces agent, is hiding from himself in a London dive bar... until he is caught in the middle of a terrorist kidnapping with dangerous global implications.

This story asks… what can connect a man to a country to the extent that he may be called a patriot… and what does patriotism mean in the new world order?


The legend of John Henry and his battle with machine technology is well known in American folklore. 

It is a tale of a battle won and a war lost… a tale of futility.

As it is told and passed down by those with access to shape the story, simple-minded Henry could not fathom the idea that a machine can perform a physically laborious task more efficiently than he. In his ignorance, he kills himself competing against it.

The folly of this story is that in the time period that it took place, most of those “machines” were invented by slaves, and following that, operated primarily by ex-slaves. 

That John Henry could not understand the potential of that type of machine, is ludicrous and insulting… almost as much as the idea of African Americans adopting the hymn “Amazing Grace” as a staple of their worship culture.

But that’s a different story… as is this one…


The Mythological god of storms returns in a final battle to reclaim his lost humanity.

When king, Saa N’go was tempestuous and war-like. His aggression led him to be gravely wounded in battle. At the moment of death, his life is transformed by the discovery of “The Lightning”, a gift that becomes his gateway to the gods.

It is a gift that will come at great cost.


In the late 50’s, Lloyd Price transformed an old blues standard about a squabble between two gamblers, Lee “STAGG” Shelton and William ”Billy” Lyons, into a timeless rock and roll icon.

In the process a folktale became a legend.

Some say there was more to this simple story of ‘hood justice… much more…


Inspired by the legend of Bass Reeves...

Outlaw tells the story of the spirit of truth... of a universal concept of right and wrong that transcends countries, and cultures, and man's law.

... about time itself seeing and dictating the need to periodically call upon someone, a righteous courageous someone, strong enough to to personify the essence of justice.


A genetically engineered and augmented government operative is accidentally transported back in time to become a ronin super-soldier.