Blood of the Dragon

There is no escape...

Angel returns to what used to be his home... the place his dreams died. Sleepless since "that night", he swaps his meds for a bottle and gives in to his despair.

Sitting, drinking in his destroyed living room, he begins to hallucinate, watching bizarre shadows run along the walls. Slightly amused, he attributes this to sleep deprivation and bad liquor... until the walls themselves start to move... bend and fold... and ultimately melt away until Angel is given a clear view of the world outside.

The moving shadows dance madly into the street. Like ethereal snakes they dart in and out of buildings and cars... and slither within and through the bodies of people passing by. They are then transformed, seeming to reflect the snakes within, gathering into a swirling, slithering mosaic of vipers whose movements form patterns unrestricted by the physical world.

As Angel stares transfixed, his vision becomes more and more complete. What is before him begins to conform to a circular image of interlocking vipers chasing what appears to be almost a black hole... a void of sorts in the shape of... a large dragon.

The snakes bite at the dragon's tail while it in turn devours them from behind.

Angel feels that this vision, this moment, is the secret of life revealed.

In his mind the void exists for him to fill... taking his place in the natural order...

He will be... he is... the Dragon.