WORDS & PICTURES: My Calling: For Heroes & Gods, For Wesley

I don’t know if anyone will care about this but…

Creating comics, for me, is a calling.

See, when I was child growing up in the ‘hood, I was surrounded by powerful figures, heroes… that dominated the landscape and transformed a war zone into a playground.

They were big brothers, not always from the same blood, but still breathin’ the same warrior air… Like a royal wind, it flowed from them surrounding and uplifting us boys through the shaping years until we could stand strong and breathe deep manly breaths like they did.

And before them were the gods.

The superhuman… almost mythical beings that had built the ground we all stood on… that taught us the rules we would live by and exemplified them to the fullest…

The gods… that defied an oppressive, overwhelming reality, to create a new one, filled with hope and wonder, that would suspend our spirits and those of generations that followed.

I saw them with my own eyes… and guarded by my heroes, walked in their massive footprints…

I would come to know them… if one ever could, really…

It was overwhelming… and it was wonderful.

My calling is to share just a touch of that with you, just because it was beautiful… and comics are the best way that I know to do it.

Stories of heroes and gods.

Last week one ascended. One of the last larger-than-life figures of my childhood stepped off from this plain into a higher vibration… to the place where gods go.

If you read any of my works and are inspired at all, know that whatever it is came from him… and from them… the blood and the breath… translated to the best of my abilities.

Rest in peaceful power Wesley. Take your place in the pantheon amongst Rip and the others… the immortals…

This one's for you… on repeat...

~ grey


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PSA: Stolen Art Sold by "Vendors" on Amazon: If You See Something, Tweet Something

Dear Friends: 

Many of us know that in the internet age, it’s very easy for thieves to steal our art and sell it as their own on different platforms. We have submitted multiple copyright infringement complaints to Amazon about the repeated theft of our Multinational Patriot Flag designs by the same vendors. A sample of our flag designs are shown below:

We sell our flags on three platforms only: REDBUBBLECAFEPRESS & STICKER MULE.

In addition to filing complaints, we’ve completed our own due diligence to find and contact other artists who’s art was also stolen by these vendors. Many of these artists sell their art on Redbubble hence were fairly easy to track down to notify.

The “vendors” (thieves) on Amazon we’ve identified sell under the following usernames:


This is just a PSA to fellow artists & friends to please try and buy from the artist and not these opportunistic thieves or inform a fellow artist if you come across this scam. One way to tell if the art was created by the seller… look at the overall portfolio. If it doesn’t look like the same artist created the different designs, chances are the “vendor” stole them from multiple artists (this does not apply in all cases such as artist collectives)… but, to be sure, do a quick internet search on the image to see if it is a part of someone else’s portfolio.

While Amazon was initially helpful in removing some of the products featuring our designs, the “vendors” know it’s a cat and mouse “catch me if you can” game and just upload the stolen designs on new products (with slightly modified product URLs) with the hopes that they won’t be caught again. Something should be done about these repeat offenders! I’m still waiting on an answer from Amazon about their policy on these repeat offenders (As stated above, we’ve identified & contacted 6 different artists who’s art was stolen in addition to ours). We are also waiting on an answer to our question about money collected by Amazon on stolen art/works, especially after they’ve been notified of the stolen art/work. Hmmm….

The one thing working in our favor is that these “vendors” are also using the same titles to leverage the SEO work we’ve done. While this makes it easier to find stolen work, it’s a double-edged sword as a buyer may purchase your art from the thief and not you. So check if the same vendor has stolen other pieces of your work or if other vendors (may be the same vendor under different usernames) have also stolen your work. We're focused on Amazon since they have the largest platform but these principles apply to any platform. 

Lesson? Stay vigilant. If you see something fishy, speak up and we’ll continue to do the same.

Thanks for reading! Stay creative! And please share!

~ Onjena Yo
Carbon-Fibre Media :: www.carbon-fibre.me

P.S. You can connect with us on twitter at any of our handles: @carbonfibreme@MultiPATRIOT,@greyrevealed or @onjena

EXHIBIT: KROMA Miami Presents: THE FORCE: A Visual Exploration of State-Sanctioned Violence: Oct 1 - Nov 5: Miami

KROMA Miami Presents:

THE FORCE: A Visual Exploration of State-Sanctioned Violence

Featured Artists: Caiphus | Grey Williamson | Jedi Diah Carmichael | R. Jackson | Santiago Restrepo

Exhibit: Oct 1st - Nov 5th, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 1st, 6 - 9 PM

3670 Grand Avenue, Miami, Florida 33133



KROMA is a new collective art space located on Grand Avenue in the heart of Coconut Grove consisting of 18 artists studios and a communal gallery space. KROMA’s mission is to serve as an affordable, contemporary space for artists, whose creative output will contribute to connecting the spirits of Coconut Grove’s rich past, present and future.

As a premiere arts incubator and the latest initiative of the Collaborative Development Corporation in partnership with the Barlington Group, KROMA will host exhibits showcasing the myriad of perspectives that are a result of the African diaspora and beyond. KROMA looks to advance the knowledge and practice of the arts through education and programming, which will not only enrich the lives of the community, but further develop the careers of resident artists.

KROMA is currently accepting applicants to be resident artists. If you are interested, please send an inquiry to: art@kromamiami.com. Only serious artists who are passionate about their craft need to apply.

Find KROMA Miami on Facebook:

WRITTEN WORD: Fallen Sun: The Great War by Sci-Fi Writer Harule Stokes

I am working hard to carve out time to sit and read FALLEN SUN: THE GREAT WAR by Harule Stokes. After the overwhelming experience of the first book of this series, SECTORS, I am expecting nothing less than to be truly affected.

When discovering sci-fi novels as a child, I enjoyed being swept away to different worlds and escaping into lives much more interesting than my own. The education and the emotional effect carried me through my less than glamorous life, book after book, making growing into adulthood a wonderful experience... sometimes in direct contrast to being overwhelmed by real life, in the real world.

Now I am an adult and the truths of this world are more profound to me than what I ran away into earlier...

And something got lost in the process.

Harule Stokes with SECTORS gave me back what I missed, what had fueled me during the down days... the lows...

To know that there is more, that it continues and goes even deeper into that place... well... that deserves the real time investment... the real sit down.

It might happen this weekend.

I can't wait.

~ Grey