WORDS AND PICTURES: To My Comic Book Heads From Grey Williamson: New Talk of "Diversity"

To My Comic Book Heads:

All this "new" talk of "diversity"...
How "The Big Two" are "tryin'"...
What "they" are finally doin' for "us"...
And then the public celebration that follows...

Do you hear yourselves?

What does it say about companies that are finally forced to "diversify"? What were they doing before? What white-supremacist agenda did they have to be economically forced to momentarily deviate from... that we were investing in all along...?

After all these years, why new... why now?

... and who are "they" doin' this for?

I place diversification references in quotes because of the multilevel conflicts inherent in the terminology.

If you have to force placement of human beings into your productions about human experiences, than your work is intensely problematic.

In a world that is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-national with constant migration around it that has existed longer than our recorded history of travel... your company has to struggle to include anything outside of Aryan archetypes within its purposefully structured and manipulated heroic mythology...
Your problem is beyond disfunction but is rather something else...

I mean, who does that?

What Jesse-Owensian moment had to happen to force a change in approach?

Why do we care so much?

There is nothing about my world that requires diversification.

Instead, what we have is a constant struggle against twisted extremists who have been attempting to shift the world toward their self-serving ideologies for as long as modern civilization has existed... with various degrees of success...

All because the real world was too difficult to compete in without cheating...

All because of deep-rooted inferiority complexes that could not be fully cured by endless acquisition.

Comic books are small enough to fly in under the radar.

How much nastiness can be hidden within a sub-culture before people begin to notice, much less take of import?

As I endeavor to continue to create and produce within this Industry, the labels and terminology become like cages erupting to contain and limit my art...

trying to force it into places that it can be limited and ultimately hidden away.

That is the fight of the "free" comics creator... to connect with a readership in a place where ridiculous yet insidious terminology like "diversity", and the insane "minority", can't stop us from communicating like real people.

Just stories... just art... just "comics".

The struggle continues...

~ Grey

EXHIBIT: Medialia Gallery Presents: CULLUD: From the Freedomways Civil Rights Journal & National Syndication by BRUMSIC BRANDON Jr. & BARBARA BRANDON-CROFT: May - July 2016 (NYC)

Medialia Gallery Presents:

CULLUD: An Exhibition Of Original Comic Strips & Social Commentary Cartoons, Reprints, Artifacts And Development Work By A Father & Daughter: BRUMSIC BRANDON Jr. & BARBARA BRANDON-CROFT

Exhibit: May 7th - July 2nd, 2016

Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery

335 West 38th Street, 4th Foor, New York, New York 10018


A message from Barbara Brandon-Croft

I have made it my job, my duty, my calling to keep my dad’s legacy alive. He was an incredible artist…and ridiculously prolific. The lion share of his work was firmly planted in the struggle for civil rights. 

I’ve team up with researcher and scholar Tara Nakashima Donahue to pull together a collection of his works and artifacts which, starting May 7th, will be on view at Medialia Gallery on West 38th Street. 

We’re calling the show, “CULLUD” named after a board game my dad created in 1967 (where no matter how long you play, you will never win). Included in the show will be a number of pieces that my dad contributed to Freedomways (the black cultural and political journal of it’s time), original panels from Luther, and a lot more.

The show will also include originals of my work on, “Where I’m Coming From," from my 13-year stint as a cartoonist. 
My dad and I make the only father/daughter nationally syndicated cartoonists duo. We not only had separate comic strips, we had different syndicates, and they ran some twenty years apart. I'm most proud of the fact that we covered many the same topics — in our own distinct styles and from our own perspectives.

We hope you will come and enjoy the show.

About Medialia Gallery

Established in 1992, Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery specializes in small, affordable works by international artists, including: book art, medallic sculpture, small sculpture, transformable sculpture, wearable sculpture and wall hangings. Work of gallery artists is exhibited on a continual basis, along with special one-person and group exhibitions by international artists.

Founder and artistic director Mashiko Nakashima, has also established the not-for-profit, New Approach Inc. to promote emerging artists and curators, as well as to encourage public awareness and exposure to unconventional medallic art. 

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Produced by Ron Long and Tri-State Ent. Written by Ron Long with Julia Bonura. Filmed and edited by Tri-State Ent. Featuring Ron Long with Michael Angelo (vocals)

EVENT: The Slovenly Gamer: Grey Williamson Talks Comics & Controlling Your Own Narratives



Episode 31: From Brooklyn, New York, artist, speaker, sculptor, world traveler, comics industry veteran and creator of Val-Mar: Gifted and Cursed, Grey Williamson drops in to have a chat with Slovenly Gamer.

Grey shares memories of growing up in Brooklyn, his first job in the comic book industry, his creative process and his influences. When the conversation shifts to the topic of diversity, Grey drops some seriously thought-provoking gems.

About The Slovenly Gamer: A podcast created to highlight and discuss all things gaming and nerdy hosted by part Man/kaiju/Droid/Jedi/mis-understood Super Villain, Milton Benn.

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WORDS & PICTURES: Darkstorm Graphic Novel by Kevin Grevioux and Grey Williamson: Coming Soon

Darkstorm graphic novel coming soon! Words by Kevin Grevioux, creator/writer of Underworld and pictures by Grey Williamson, creator/writer/artist of Val-Mar: Gifted and Cursed!

Early development pics of the character Darkstorm are showcased below. 


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