BY POPULIST DEMAND: For the Greater Good

Under Populist Demand, Carbon-Fibre Media's charitable arm, we'd rather contribute 1% of our proceeds to 99 different causes with the hopes of amplifying an organization's impact, even if by just a little bit, starting yesterday. 

We've selected a few causes... independent movements in politics, culture, art & comics... to support with popular designs from our Multinational Patriot Flags to our O'BOTs to our comics-inspired art. Click the design to learn more:

See all of our "By Populist Demand" designs here. Details of organizations & causes are included in the tab "Artist Notes" of each design. 

Spot a design you'd like to use for your non-profit organization or cause? We welcome new partnerships. Connect with us on twitter @PopulistDemand or send us a message here. Let's get there together!