KIMCHI POWER: Do You Have the Power?


When is a dish is not just a dish? Is kimchi the same to Koreans as watermelon is to Black people? In other words, do you enjoy eating kimchi freely or are you self-conscious in public (Korean restaurants don't count)? It's not quite the same...but we think many can agree, both carry more meaning than a simple dish to each culture. 

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Kimchi Power...what it means to me... It ain't just the food that is super... We tap into our "haan" to right the wrongs of our world:

Haan is sorrow caused by heavy suffering, injustice or persecution, a dull lingering ache in the soul. It is a blend of lifelong sorrow and resentment, neither more powerful than the other. Han is imbued with resignation, bitter acceptance and a grim determination to wait until vengeance can at last be achieved.
— D. Bannon. (Unique Korean Cultural Concepts in Interpersonal Relations)

Source: Wikipedia

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~ Onjena Yo

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